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We provide art appraisal documentation that includes item/artist description, provenance and auction records for the artist, general assessment of authenticity, quality, condition and fair market price and replacement value.
There is no charge for general value assessments that can be made on line if we are provided with acceptable photo and description. See (data form ). This service is free, nonetheless due the enormous amount of letters we received and in order to keep this service free of charge, we will respond only the letters that are interesting, so if you don’t receive any response in the 8 days, please accept our excuses but the art you submitted is considered a copy, a forgery, or is not in the domain of our expertise.
We only propose a fee for art estimation-evaluation after review of your artwork and only if it has value to make a report. We don’t give any art appraisal if we are not convinced of the authenticity.

All art appraisals are prepared in accordance with the American Society of Appraisers, guidelines and standards, as well the guidelines of the American Appraisers Association, the American Society Of Certified Appraisers and all major appraisers associations. The codes and ethics of these associations are strictly applied to our services, even if we want to stay independent of them.
An art appraisal is bounded with an art authentication, we consider that an art appraisal without art authentication has no sense.
With an art appraisal we provide, a short biography of the artist, comment on the painting, an auction value of the painting, a gallery value or replacement value of the artwork.

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General Information for Art Appraisals

In many cases we can provide you with useful information about the identity of an item and its history at no charge by posting an image of it together with a proper description to our company.
To do this you will need to contact us and send an overall image and some detail images electronically as an attached file with your which should contain whatever details you can provide on the item, including dimensions and signature or maker’s mark details where apparent.
Alternatively you can send by conventional 4” x 6” photographs to Van Weyenbergh Fine Arts Inc..

We also offer a more comprehensive version of art appraisal service for collectors who require a written report.
The information provided could be as relatively simple as determining the maker of a specific item or, where that is practically impossible to determine, the school, workshop or manufacturer from which it emanates. Or it could be as relatively complex as providing identity, coupled with original use, place of origin, and social context and historical significance.

The fee for art appraisal is based upon time and materials and the cost and ‘lead time’ to completion of the report will vary according to the complexity of the assignment. Invariably this service requires seeing the item (s) in person.

Having considered the information you submit we will be able to give you a total cost estimate prior to beginning the assignment. You can then decide whether or not you want to commit.

If you would like Van Weyenbergh Fine Arts Inc. to provide this service or would simply like to know more about the process, please contact us with details of your specific request.




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