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An Authentication file :

This file is submitted to the appropriate recognized experts for review for authentication. Sometimes a review fee is required by the expert or the committee. If required, this fee is approved by Client before submission.
We only propose a fee for authentication research after review of your artwork and only if it is valuable to make an investigation. We are representatives and researchers for our Clients in this process and can not guarantee the authentication.
As we said we don't accept every mission, the provenance has to be clearly established, never we will submit a file with a doubtful origin, if the artwork is a manifestly copy of an original art, if the artwork was submitted several times before unless new elements justify a new authentication file, if the artwork is too much damaged and lost his initial value. We don't accept a file with the only purpose to make money, the file has to be justified, and the fee has to be justifiable in compare with the value of the artwork.
In comparison with an art appraisal, an art authentication is much more complete.
An art appraisal contains only an evaluation of the authenticity, also an art appraisal is limited to an agreement between us and the customer.

An authentication file includes, unless other way mentioned:Justification of authenticity by comparison with other works by the artist
Reestablish the works in the "catalogue raisonne".
Comparison with other works made by the same artist of the same period
Comparison with other artists of the same period or movement
Research about the historic, provenance,
Reestablish historic of the painting
Graphology analysis of handwriting
Signature analysis
On site analysis of painting
Eventually study of the pigments
Study of the support
Study of the manner
Wood lamp test
Infra red test
Presentation of the file to recognized expert


This page is very important to understand the difference between a painting appraisal and a painting authentication.
As we told before it is very important to make the difference between a painting appraisal and a painting authentication, an appraisal doesn't mean you have an authentic painting, we think that an appraisal without a conviction of authenticity makes no sense, the first what an expert will look at: "is the painting a possible authentic painting?".
We will refuse any appraisal mission if we are not convinced of the authenticity.
As experienced private art brokers and art appraisers dealing with major galleries in Paris, Brussels and New York, and recognized art experts of 16th to 20th Century European paintings we have contacts with auction houses in Europe and the US and a history of work with the experts : Ex-Comite Picasso ( ended since 1993), Les Amis de Miro, Schmitt, Guillon Lafaille, Galerie Bailly, Gros & Delettrez,etc.
Art appraisal and art authentication are our specialization for 30 years

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